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Home Improvement Needs in Atlanta

Homeowners in Atlanta have been turning to Echols for their home improvement needs since 1960.  When it is time for home improvement projects there are many choices available – but the reliably safe choice is Echols.

Creating long-term, trusting relationships with customers is what sets us apart from other home improvement companies.  We promise to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.  We refuse to cut corners on materials, labor or any of the details that will transform your house into a showplace.

 Echols: A name you can trust

While it’s easy to claim that 20,000 customers have been satisfied with our work – you don’t have to take our word for it.  Echols has been recognized for superior customer satisfaction and craftsmanship time and time again.  Echols is consistently rated as superior by the three major Atlanta area consumer report guides on contractors. When you want to improve the value of your home, look to the company that has helped your friends, neighbors and family: look to Echols.

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Dedication to Excellence

AC’s parents escaped from Castro’s Cuba in the fifties and raised their son to know the value of self-employment in America. AC is as knowledgeable, honest, and ethical as they come. The difference between companies is not only in the quality of product used, but also in the installation and supervision. When it comes to quality, all of us at Echols commit to doing work we can stand behind.

AC says of his installations: “We do every job like it was being filmed for an episode of This Old House (the PBS home improvement show). We know we aren’t the cheapest labor crew – you can’t be when you intend to do it right and come back promptly if there is ever a problem. But we are the best value in the business for the money spent. We definitely price what we do to be a bargain for the high level of hassle-free professional workmanship the homeowner is going to get. Maricio and I love what we do for a living, and homeowners can tell the difference between someone just showing up for a paycheck and someone who is glad to be there because they enjoy their work.”

The door, window, and siding products offered by Echols are only selected after hands-on experience in the field and performance evaluation with the product over time. Nothing is chosen to make the bid price cheaper if it compromises quality. All of our product manufacturers have proven their commitment to make and service a reliable and consistent product that performs well over time.

Contact us today at (770) 452-1195 and get a no-obligation quote on how we can help you improve the value of your home!