Mark Ashe

In addition to owning Echols Roofing & Home Improvement, Mark Ashe is an author! Your Money & Your Life a book I wrote to share with young men and women just starting out in active life practical instructions on the issues of life. It is written to help the reader avoid major mistakes and make wise financial and personal decisions regarding not only money but starting a business, manners, making a wise marriage decision the first time, the dangers of potentially addictive behaviors and much more. Read more about his book here.

Gregg Bennett
Roof Consultant / Repair Technician

35+ years in construction, grew up in Fla, lived in Atl, GA for last 25+ years and has been with Echols since 2004. The company manager says of Gregg, “This may be one of the smartest guys I’ve ever hired. I would not only go to Gregg if I needed help with a roof, but if I needed a common sense insight on any issue. It takes about 15 minutes in his presence to realize you are getting straight answers from someone who knows what he is talking about.”


Chad Smeaton
Repair Technician/Roof Consultant

Chad has worked with Echols since 2004 and is a punctual and professional roof leak repairman. Chad has a “eye” for this critical specialty and has been able to resolve leaks when other companies have given up. He applies the same care to detail when he is inspecting an entire roof for replacement recommendations.



Armando Cartaya “AC”
General Partner In Charge of Siding/Windows/Doors Division

AC personally supervises all siding/window/door projects on-site. He is bi-lingual. AC’s family escaped Castro’s Cuba when he was a child and he has vivid memories of the privations. The genuine pleasure he derives from the blessing of a profession and country he loves quickly assures customers that their home project is in good hands! AC’s skills and commitment to excellence resulted in a partnership in the siding/window/doors division of Echols. AC and his team also rebuild decks and/or convert them into porches for covered outdoor space.


Billy Dodd
Roof Repair Technician and Roof Consultant

Married to Wanda, who does a wonderful job of setting up and managing his busy schedule between roof repairs and full roof replacement. Employed with Echols since 1997. Billy is punctual and careful. When he bids a project he gets the details right and always has a great attitude, which is why he and Echols have had such an enduring long-term relationship.



Sebastian Ambrosini

Married to Andrea, and father of two children, Juan and Maria. Sebastian went to work with Echols in 2005 and is not only a great and careful carpenter, but he is someone who once you get to know, you might wish he was also your neighbor. His character shows in his love of family, disciplined work habits and commitment to making customers happy with his work.



Dany Payne
Roof Consultant

Son-in-Law of Mr. Echols. Danny started with the company as a roofer and has been with Echols since he was 16 years of age. The company manager use to carry the shingles up the ladder for Danny to nail on when they were both too young to shave! Danny can do it all.

Antonio Loa
Painting Foreman

Antonio is a crew foreman for Echols paint crew. He is married and a father. Antonio has been painting for 15 years, most of those years for Echols. He is extremely anxious to please the customer and diligent to see to it that each job is well done and the site left neat and clean. Mark, the manager, said, “I have never hired anybody with a better attitude.”

Jeff Ogletree

Roof Consultant.

Employed by Echols since he began his working career after college. Mark Ashe, company owner, says of Jeff, “Hands down, I think Jeff knows more about roofing than any ten regular men in this business. I know he knows a lot more than me. And, Jeff still likes being on the project and looking after the details while the roof is going on. If I send Jeff, the customer is getting the best there is in this line of work in Atlanta.”