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Save Energy With Attic Insulation

Most homes suffer from inadequate insulation and air leakage leading to higher energy consumption. When you consider that 50-70% of the energy used in the average American home is for heating and cooling, finding ways to lower these costs makes good sense. Residential attic insulation services from Echols Roofing can save you money by helping to maintain a uniform temperature in your home no matter what the season.

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Lower Heating & Cooling Costs with Blown-In Insulation

Heat naturally flows from a warmer space to a cooler one. During the cold of winter, the warmth created by your furnace will flow out anyway it can, mostly through the roof, losing the energy to the outdoors. In the same way, the baking heat of summer will cause your attic to act like an oven and transfer that heat to the inside of your home, making second-floor living space uncomfortable and causing your air conditioner to work harder. Insulation works by limiting air movement, stopping the flow of air from warm places to cold ones. That means installing insulation in your attic can decrease the amount of heating or cooling needed because it provides resistance to the flow of heat, from a warm place to a cold one.

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Affordable Insulation and Radiant Barrier Installation in Atlanta

Echols very affordably installs 7 1/2″ of blown-in insulation for an increase in R value of R-19; or 15″ for an increase in R value of R-38 to your existing attic insulation! We also offer eShield Radiant Heat Barrier insulation. EShield uses a new insulation technology crafted from the same state-of-the-art reflective material used by NASA. The advanced foil laminating technology used by eShield effectively blocks 97% of radiant transfer, the movement of heat into your home in the summer and out of your home in the winter. Among the advantages of this material is that it is effective for the lifetime of your home without settling, condensation, or mildew. EShield never needs replacing or maintenance.

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