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Exterior house painting, exterior painters, atlanta paintersA quality paint job is all about pre-paint preparations. At Echols Roofing, Windows & Home Improvements our crew for exterior Atlanta paint jobs replaces all rotted trim on a quote basis, and all surfaces are hand-sanded smooth. The structure is then pressure washed and allowed to dry thoroughly. If the surface lacks existing paint, a quality paint primer is applied. The siding then receives an application of NR4000 Sherwin Williams premium caulk. The customer may select Sherwin Williams Super Paint, which carries a 25 year warranty, or Durations, which is warranted for life. Both Sherwin Williams paints have a mildew inhibitor. If a second coat of paint is required, there is also a second application of caulk.

If the painting is done after installing new siding, the siding/window estimator will include the painting with the quote. When the requested service is for paint alone, the paint foreman himself, Antonio Loa, provides the quote.



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Echols provides award-winning professional designer James Taggert to assist our customers with the selection of colors to assure a satisfying result. This consultation is provided to our customers free of charge on any project which exceeds $15,000 after a contract is signed. For smaller projects, there is a modest charge of $150 for the consultation. James is not available to be of assistance in all of our service areas.

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