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For a leaking roof, either residential or commercial, call Echols for a fast and quality roof repair . Our team is courteous and believes in the “golden rule,” making us one of the top reviewed roof repair specialists in the Atlanta area (see full list of service areas here). We have a team dedicated specifically to full-time roof repairs. They are available to assess your roof and complete any needed restorations, extending the service life of your roof. Whether your roof repair need was caused by wear or storm damage, we provide prompt, exceptional repair services for our Atlanta area customers. If your roof repair needs are immediate, please go to our Emergency Repair Services page.

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Mark Ashe, the business manager and step-son of Frank Echols, states: “A lot of money can be wasted on roof repairs being attempted by repairmen that are themselves unsure as to the cause of the leak. Metal & Shingle Roof Repair Atlanta Area | Professional Roof Repair | Roof Restoration AtlantaRepairs are not like re-roofing projects; you aren’t replacing everything and starting over. You are trying to determine if the leak is caused by a mistake related to a slight defect in labor, damage to the roof materials, failure of materials, roof design flaw or one of many other potential factors which may not be visible. Often, there could be several potential causes of the leak and the specific cause is unknowable – so repairmen guess, and often guess wrong. In order to protect our customers from disappointment, and to protect the reputation of Echols Roofing and Home Improvements, we have a standard rule: Unless the repairman can determine the exact cause of the leak with certainty he is not allowed to submit a bid to repair it. For this reason, on about five percent of the calls for repair service we may decline the bid once we look at them. This may sound unusual, but we think spending a customers money while we “guess” is not good for either of us. And it assures those who trust us to know our business that the roof leak is going to be repaired if we suggest a solution.”

Echols also repairs slate and tile roofs. We also service leaks on many commercial roof systems in the Atlanta area.
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